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February 3, 2015, 16 Comments

In the good old days, cars had names that fired the imagination – Barracuda, Toronado, Wildcat, LeSabre. Even horrible cars had great names like Javelin, Matador, Cordoba. Who wouldn’t feel […]

Mitsu pushed my buttons

November 28, 2013, 22 Comments

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for an automaker who shares their name with an 80s Quebecois poptart? I’m talking about none other than Mitsubishi, a ...

Tackling Toronto’s terrain in my Suby

August 14, 2013, 25 Comments

When I called up Subaru and asked them for the sexy Subaru BRZ sports coupe, the last thing I thought I’d wind up with was a 2014 Forester XT.

Volvo pedestrian airbags – just in time for April Fool’s?

March 28, 2012, No comments

It began back in 1958 when Volvo engineer Nils Bolhin invented the three-way seat belt, which made Volvo the automotive guardian angel of safe driving ...