“Krystyna is a true journalist. She can take any subject and give it that special twist that gets you reading the article. Whatever the assignment, she is always a pleasure to work with.”

Isabelle Courteau
Rousseau Automotive Communication 

“I really appreciate Krystyna’s talent. You give her an assignment and she runs with it. In addition to writing for CarCare Business, she has learned from the people she interviews and the subjects given  her – the wide world of automotive parts and services. Her questions to the interviewee are great. She has great style and presence.”

Shirley G. Brown
Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher CAR CARE BUSINESS Magazine
Rousseau Automotive Communication

“I rely on Krystyna to regularly supply me with exciting content for a bi-monthly e-newsletter that’s sent out to my customer database. She nails it every time with topics that are current and intriguing, and also provides practical information and hands-on tips. Krystyna helps me promote my dealership and the way I do business by engaging my customers in a valuable way.”

Kevin Bavelaar, Owner, Auto Showplace

“Krystyna’s knowledge of the car industry, consumer and legal issues are a tremedous help to Car Help Canada. Her ability to write copy that turns complicated and technical jargon into words that consumers can understand is invaluable. I can always trust her to firmly maintain our organization’s position on any of the sensitive issues she deals with, whether working with individuals in the car industry, consumers, or colleagues. Her enthusiasm and passion for cars is infectious!”

Mohamed Bouchama
Executive Director
Car Help Canada

“Krystyna has written for my accounts for many years. She is clever, thorough, versatile, quick and amusing. Be it cars, rewards, incentives, pharma, or banks, she delivers. I very highly recommend her.”

Iby Haidari
Creative Director

“Oh my goodness, there is no one like Krystyna Lagowski. As a writer and collaborator, she’s an unforgettable mix of perfectly polished, wildly creative, and unabashedly original.”

Carrie Klassen
Pink Elephant Communications 

“Krystyna helped OMVIC out at a critical point in our formation – we needed a writer who could grasp complex legal issues, understand our role as a regulator and understand our target audience in order to get the tone just right. It was also essential that we meet tight deadlines. It’s tough to get a writer that can get it just right – complex issues, plain language, understand target audience – and meet deadlines. Krystyna filled the bill”

Carl Compton
Executive Director
Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) 

“Krystyna is a dependable, hard worker. Her high energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude are energizing. Donors had positive experiences when working with Krystyna as her approach was always client-centred. She sparkles!”

Florence Weinberger
Director of Development
Baycrest Foundation  

“An agile mind, clear focus, an ability to quickly find creative ways around roadblocks, a knack for communicating complex ideas in a clear, straightforward way and a sharp wit are only five of the many attitudes that make Krystyna Lagowski an asset to any writing project. She’s a gem!”

John Terauds
Former Wheels Editor, Toronto Star

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