About Krystyna Lagowski

Blame it all on my dad’s 1966 Barracuda. That’s when my torrid love affair with cars began, and I’ve been writing about my adventures behind the wheel ever since. There was the time I took a Volkswagen Beetle ice-fishing, the day I went shopping for cars with the president of the Toronto Automobile Dealers Association (he was incognito) and the afternoon I helped a height-challenged friend find the perfect ride.

In “drive like a girl,” I wax extravagantly about cars and related transportation issues such as public transit, bicycling and pedestrian rights.

But although all things automotive is my first love, I’ve also written about tourism, health, mining, nutrition, fashion, philanthropy and consumer advocacy. My approach is simple but effective – a story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Once I have the reader’s attention, I gently weave corporate messaging and branding between the lines. By the time the reader has finished the story, he or she will want to forward it to a colleague or friend.

So – if you’re looking for someone to write a thoughtful feature article, compelling web content or gently persuasive marketing copy, I can promise you results, as well as a delightful working experience. I’m creative, conscientious, resourceful, enthusiastic and honest. And I’m also a very happy person, because I get to do the kind of work I love, with great clients who stay in my life for a long time.

I would just love to work with you – drop me a line at writer@drivelikeagirl.ca. My store is open.


Merging creative vision with business objectives; distilling technical terminology into compelling consumer friendly copy for print or web; extensive experience developing, researching and writing newsletters for print and web.